Dr. Diego T. Tuero

Teaching Assistant EGE, FCEN-UBA | Assistant Researcher CONICET | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 I'm interested in study tail evolution in birds and how sexual and natural selection drives this evolution. I focus on classic studies of sexual selection such as the analysis of extra pair copulation, mate choice or reproductive benefits in those individuals with exaggerated traits. I also study how tail length can affect the flight performance. These studies are performed in the Forked-tailed flycatcher (Tyrannus savana) at the reserve El Destino in Magdalena town (Buenos Aires, Argentina). This species shows a tail more than twice longer than their body length. Also, males have a tail 26% longer than females. Besides, I work in collaboration with Dr. Alex Jahn (Department of Zoology, São Paulo State University, Brazil) since 2009. Alex is studying the migratory route of different populations of this species that breed in Argentina and Brazil, using geolocators.  We also study the evolution of life history traits between these populations.
I'm also interested in several behavioral ecology topics (brood parasitism, sex ratio and parental care).