Vet. Gabriela Tamara Gabarain

PhD Student CONICET | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As a veterinarian, my goal is to develop my profession in the field of conservation, contributing my basic knowledge and acquiring knowledge through teamwork with references from other areas. My connection with conservation began many years ago as a volunteer. Concepts and ideas that were once unfamiliar have become everyday and significant, to the point that, at the end of my career and coinciding with my first experience with the Hooded Grebe Project, I decided to focus my professional activities in this area. I am passionate about birds and particularly breeding and reproduction. I completed my master's thesis in Biodiversity Conservation, aiming to develop an ex situ rearing program for the Hooded Grebe (Podiceps gallardoia critically endangered species endemic to southern Patagonia. Currently, I am developing my PhD on the same topic directed by Dr. Ignacio Roesler and Dr. Bettina Mahler. The objective is to raise individuals from ecologically lost eggs, that is, eggs that will not thrive in nature due to characteristics of the reproduction of the species and its environment. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the population.