Lic. Mariana Giselle Iglesias

PhD Candidate CONICET | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I think the natural world and its mysteries are just wonderful. I have always had a great fascination for discovering and understanding the order of all the things that surrounds us. As a result of this, I work to contribute to the search for possible answers to the infinity of questions that we ask ourselves when contemplating the universe, from the perspective of Biological Sciences. I have a degree in Biological Sciences, oriented in the area of ​​Ecology, from the University of Buenos Aires. During my undergraduate studies, I worked as an intern in the areas of parasitology, urban environmental ecology and animal behavior. Finally, in the last one, I did my degree thesis. Currently, I am developing my PhD at the LEyCA directed by Dr. Diego T. Tuero, researching the relationship between aerodynamics, foraging efficiency and tail length of the Fork-tailed flycatchers(Tyrannus svanna). The project’s general objective is to study the performance of different kinds of flight and foraging behavior depending on the length of the tail of this species of migratory bird.