Dra. Natalia A. Cossa

Postdoctoral Fellow CONICET | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have a great passion for nature and conservation, which encouraged me to study biology at the University of Buenos Aires. During my undergraduate thesis, I studied the egg-puncture behavior of the obligate brood parasites Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis) and Screaming Cowbird (M. rufoaxillaris). Recently, I presented my PhD thesis entitled "Conservation biology of three South American sheldgeese species: the Ruddy-headed Goose (Chloephaga rubidiceps), Ashy-headed Goose (C. poliocephala) and Upland Goose (C. picta). The general objective was to study ecology aspects of these three threatened species and identify guidelines for their conservation in the breeding area. In this thesis I studied the reproductive biology, the impact and relative intensity of each terrestrial predators (native and exotic) and characterize the habitat and the interactions with other herbivores.